What I keep Telling Y’all!

Hate guys who whore around then want to settle down with the good girls later on. Think again sunshine!



There’s No Fool Like An Old Fool

Another article I came across that had my blood boiling (think I should stop reading these).

This article has been copied word for word from Daily Mail.

My greedy ex took everything and I’m a bitter wreck:

“My 66th birthday is approaching and I feel I want it to be my last. It all began when I was 15 and met Trevor. My father was difficult and domineering, consequently I married Trevor just after my 17th birthday.

We both became social workers and had the usual ups and downs, but our family life with four children was loving and close. In 2003, on our 40th anniversary, we renewed our wedding vows on a Tobago beach.

In 2004, I had cancer, and during this time Trevor was the most devoted, caring partner I could have wished for. I retired in 2006, looking forward to spending time with our grandchildren.

In 2006, Trevor became a senior lecturer. In 2007, he changed — saying the job was difficult.

He started going to conferences, couldn’t give details, would turn off his mobile at night. You guessed right — an affair with one of his students. At the time she was 28, he was 62. She’d been married twice and had three children by different fathers — the children are the same ages as three of our grandchildren.  Continue reading

Players? Games?……But No One Told Me The Rules!!

I have been having a lot of cyber communication and interaction with a certain PUA(pick up artist) recently. You probably know who he is, he definitely knows who he is.

He and I are complete opposites. We argue about every area, topic, issue and belief, but thats why I admire him. I enjoy our debates and lack of agreement. Opposites really do attract.

Firstly I had no idea PUA’s even existed, let alone the fact that there is a whole underground community of them! But that makes sense, a PUA isn’t going to reveal himself and his intentions, that contradicts the whole point of the game. So when I first came across this idea I was shocked, then continued to curse these so called seducers and call them every name under the sun. I mean who do these pigs think they are, going around seducing women and making them drop their panties?! Basically doing everything that goes against my morals and beliefs (I’m fairly traditional and old fashioned for a 20 year old).

man surrounded by women

When I calmed down and read some of the material posted about this whole game, I came to realise its not as seedy as it sounds. It’s just what every guy and girl does but on a more extreme, sophisticated and higher level.

Continue reading

My Husbands Having an Affair and I Pretend I don’t Know

Firstly to clarify this post is not about me, I am not married and therefore I don’t have a husband who is cheating on me. Phew!

Ok so I came across an article which is titled: “My husband’s cheating – and I pretend not to know to shield my child”.

I am actually going to copy the article into this post because:

1) I know many people can’t be bothered to read it if I post a link to it.

2) The article is really interesting and I want you all to read it.

The article is below and my comments and opinions will be posted throughout in bold italicbecause as you all know I cant resist ranting.

“My husband’s laptop is open on the sofa. I glance at it casually and my eye is drawn to an open email.

‘My darling girl,’ it begins, and the surge of shock I feel jolts me like an electric charge. My husband Will is an unemotional man, so I’m perplexed by this effusiveness. But I do not pry; I jump away as if stung. Continue reading