The West Is Sleeping. The East Is Dying.

But God is watching. Karma is keeping track. Keeping all notches neatly wracked.

I’m sick with disgust.

My mind is boggled. Stunned.

When did we become so selfish. So heartless.

I see Humans, no Humanity.

We picked faceless cowards to organise society.

These motherfuckers sit at the top on their thrones making bullshit decisions which destroy the lives of the innocent.

They surround themselves and their families with the most technologically complex security. Protected in their gilded cages. But are happy for barefoot, baby faced children in Syria to stare into the barrel of a gun.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 20.55.48

Meanwhile the rest of the world search for Pokemon. I don’t want to live on this Earth any more. Omran Daqneesh. Russian Airstrike on Syria. Another War Casualty.

Living in luxury, bombing the poor.

Protecting their own, entrapping others.

Gorging on food, starving the poor.

Living their lives, imprisoning the innocent.


How do you justify the killing of 1000’s of innocents, over the actions of 1.

That’s bullshit.

The answer is you don’t. You lie and feed the population lies to justify that lie. At the end its all a big spiderweb of lies. So interwoven the truth is no longer visible.

I’m so hurt, heartbroken, desolate, I’m just lost for words.

Watching the story of Omran Daqneesh I’m disgusted at what the world has come to. Because it’s not just him. His story is just one out of a thousand other replicas.

I just don’t even know what to say.

WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE. We ALL have a part in this. Ignoring this is playing part to it. When your tax money is being used to bomb these people, then it is YOUR fucking problem. You’re not the one making the decision? That’s the price you have chosen to pay in exchange for an easy life. You know the one > white picket fence, 2.5 kids, 4 holidays abroad each year, blah, blah, blah.

We have failed every single one of those innocents who have lost everything because of war. War is MANMADE! Man has the ability to end it. So fucking end it already.

It’s funny isn’t it. It’s 2016, the world is at it’s most technologically advanced state that could never even be imagined. Our technical knowledge has skyrocketed, but our self-knowledge has plummeted. Science has excelled, but humanity has died.

In 2016 animals have more compassion and care than humans. That’s just hilarious. But it’s not. It’s not at all.

What can we even do to help? Donations and volunteering don’t and won’t fix the problem.

People need to stand up. Liking pictures on Facebook and Instagram won’t do shit.

Writing long ass statuses and gaining approving comments won’t do shit.

People need to stand up. The people.

We are the people. We need to unite, we need to stand together and do something. Something needs to change because I just can’t live in a world like this anymore. There has to be a way.

Government and politicians are snakes. Why the fuck are people bowing to the snakes?  We conquer the snakes in numbers, but we still bow to them.

Isn’t this textbook slavery? We’ve all sat through those History lessons hearing about masses of people dying under Snake Leaders. Here we are again. How do millions allow themselves to bow to one.

They bleed just like we do.

Wake up.

For goodness sake just wake up.



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