21st Birthday

Guys, it is my 21st birthday in about 2 weeks time and I want to do something special! I want to do something memorable. I have a craving to get out of this rut, so for one day at least I want to LIVE life!


Please give me some ideas?!

It would be great to meet friends for dinner (although given the state of my relationships at the moment that may not be happening) watch a movie, go out shopping etc….BUT I do that every year! This needs to be something different.

P.S. Remember that I don’t drink, do drugs, or engage in one-night-stands etc.

I would love any ideas 🙂


I’ll Pencil You In

My latest posts have been centred around how trapped and suffocated I have been feeling. So it’s only fitting that my social circle is too busy for me! It’s that time of year where kids are going through exams. All my friends, siblings and cousins are all busy with studying. Except me! I am working this year and I finally have my weekends free (no stupid Saturday job for me)! However it’s just fitting that when these people are not studying they are working part time on the weekends! Just my luck (I seriously need new friends).

So I am bored, I want to go out, I want to have fun, I want to be a fucking kid. It’s so unfair how I am being restricted from every angle in my life!

  • Strict, overprotective parents with old-school views means that my choices and options of what I can do are limited.
  • A restricted social circle limits my options of what, when and with whom I can carry out the list of restricted things I can do.
  • Social/cultural/religious views, morals and rules tie into all the above and again the key word here is RESTRICTION!
Trapped inside your own mind

Trapped inside your own mind

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Man Rage

In this highly sexualised world, where people seem to think that one needs to strip and bare as much flesh as possible to sell everything from cars to bread, women have every right to get frustrated with men. Because if it wasn’t for their highly-sexed brains and their ever hard wood this wouldn’t be an issue.

This article comes after reading about how men are uncomfortable watching women breastfeed. Now sit back and watch me roar.


Basic biology boys, breasts were made for babies and for nursing children. They were not made for you and your ogling perverted eyes and dirty thoughts. They were not made for your pleasure. So when a baby is hungry and the mother in public, she has EVERY right to whip those puppies out and sate her child.


Sorry, do you feel uncomfortable? Good! Turn around, look away, walk away (all you need to say is ‘I’ll give you a private moment’). Funny how men don’t mind perving on boobs all day long, using all available tactics to steal a look. Funny how you don’t mind sucking on them yourself!! But as soon as they are used for their ACTUAL purpose and function, you feel uncomfortable? Man up and grow a pair! Continue reading

Waiting All Night – Rudimental feat Ella Eyre

I love this song. Can’t get enough of it, and I absolutely love the video. Such an inspiration, something to snap anyone out of a bad mood or miserable day.

What I love most about the music Rudimental creates is the meaning behind it and the way they express it so perfectly in their videos. They don’t make stupid songs about ‘tapping that pussy’ ‘smoking that blunt’ and ‘fucking those bitches’. And it is so nice to FINALLY find a music video without half naked girls, people getting drunk, grinding in a club and smoking shit whilst waving $100 bills.


The video is based on the inspirational true life-story of San Francisco born BMX champion and actor – Kurt Yaeger, who became an amputee after an accident in 2006.

What a fucking GUY! Respect all around.