I Go Blind And Let The Lord Do His Thing

I’m no longer consistently posting, but that’s because I’m out here living.

Don’t really want to do that usual 2017 new year post thing, but I feel like I need to reflect back on 2016.

Politically the year sucked for the world.

Personally this was a good year for me.

Looking back through my blog I had so much negative anger that I kept hold off. I turned myself into my own biggest problem – that’s a story for another day.

All I want to say for anyone out there who finds themselves relating to my blogs is that it’s ok. I found out that you need to go through the crazy times in order to FIND yourself. You need to hit rock bottom and figure out how to climb back up by YOURSELF. No matter how many people you are surrounded by that love you, it is your personal journal to SELF discovery. If you aren’t the one picking yourself up, then it’s not happening man, you are not living YOUR life. Stop waiting for someone to put out a helping hand, sad truth is that everyone is out here for themselves.

The past 4-5 years of trying to throw of this hurt and anger was needed. It was hard at the time, but it had to be done. I had to work through it. This was my journey, and that’s the beauty of it, because a journey it was. And that’s what life is about, the journey, not the destination.

I feel like this will forever be a self-discovery journey and that’s ok, because I have finally learnt to love it. Don’t shy away from the hard times people, because as cliche as it is, these are the moments that make LIFE.

So to all my socially awkward, depressed, hurt, angry, introverted friends out there; smile and embrace what life throws at you. There truly is beauty in all the pain – I promise you will find it one day.

I have decided to have a better outlook on life.

I’m not promising to be positive at all times, because I know who I am, and I know that’s not realistic. But just to simply have a BETTER outlook on life is something we can all do.

Biggest lesson I learnt over the last year is to stop trying to take everything personally and to look at the other side of the story. Also throw yourself in there. I am so afraid of everything. 2016 taught me to just take a leap of faith and just jump man, just do it.

If you believe in God, have faith in his plan, have faith that he will catch you. If he doesn’t then it wasn’t time, and you pick yo ass up and keep walking, because the door he has open for you is down that path, so brother keep that ass moving.

I wish you all the strength to take a risk. Do it.


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