Baby I’m Addicted…Explosive…Got Me Twisted

I have an addictive personality. If such a thing exists. Well Wikipedia says it does, can’t argue with that right?

People who suffer from an addictive personality spend excessive time on a behavior or with an item, not as a hobby but because they feel like they have to.

People who experience addictive personality disorders typically act on impulses and cannot deal with delayed gratification.

People with addictive personalities are very sensitive to emotional stress. The combination of low self-esteem, impulsivity and low tolerance for stress causes these individuals to have frequent mood swings and often suffer from some sort of depression

Books. Tv shows. Movies. These are my 3 vices, I fall in love with the characters and become attached. Their stories are more fasinating than mine, they suck me in deep, chew me up and spit me out. I become obsessed with the characters, search for any information I can to get to know them better, to see more of them, to feed the addiction.

I’m addicted right now. I started watching a TV show and found myself going through this obsessive stage all over again. I can’t concentrate, I just crave the next episode and it’s all I think about. What’s more is that this ALWAYS happens during exam time! I find a good novel, trilogy or series to read/watch when I should be revising! What is this amazing show that has me wacked? Continue reading