If You Catch My Boyfriend’s Attention

Found this image and it says it all!



Confused and Conflicted

Hanging around at a pub after work I was socialising with my colleagues. Not my usual scene, so I was quite surprised to find I was actually enjoying myself. Then a colleague of mine picked up on the fact that I don’t drink alcohol. Ever.

The reason I don’t drink is due to religious aspects, my upbringing and my own personal beliefs. Now don’t go thinking I am a complete nut-job who does everything I am told. Many people have been bought up and told ‘not-to-drink’, however the end game is down to every individual personally.

You don’t know what you’re missing he said. But that is exactly the point I replied, I do not know what I am missing, so it’s a non-issue.

You’re missing out on life, you don’t seem to do much.

That simple comment hit deep. Continue reading