Players? Games?……But No One Told Me The Rules!!

I have been having a lot of cyber communication and interaction with a certain PUA(pick up artist) recently. You probably know who he is, he definitely knows who he is.

He and I are complete opposites. We argue about every area, topic, issue and belief, but thats why I admire him. I enjoy our debates and lack of agreement. Opposites really do attract.

Firstly I had no idea PUA’s even existed, let alone the fact that there is a whole underground community of them! But that makes sense, a PUA isn’t going to reveal himself and his intentions, that contradicts the whole point of the game. So when I first came across this idea I was shocked, then continued to curse these so called seducers and call them every name under the sun. I mean who do these pigs think they are, going around seducing women and making them drop their panties?! Basically doing everything that goes against my morals and beliefs (I’m fairly traditional and old fashioned for a 20 year old).

man surrounded by women

When I calmed down and read some of the material posted about this whole game, I came to realise its not as seedy as it sounds. It’s just what every guy and girl does but on a more extreme, sophisticated and higher level.

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I lied to get into her pants……It worked

So I came across the picture below and it got me thinking about a topic that has been baffling, confusing and quite frankly annoying the hell out of me for a long time. Guys and Girls perceptions of one another and sex?

In this materialist and highly sexualised generation we live in, nothing no longer seems sacred. Simple actions have double intentions, words have heavy innuendos and people have two faces. So where does that leave me and my rare innocent others? In a world where people claim to be “so deeply in love” after 5 days and then scream abuse and insults at one another, 3 days later, what is the truth and what was the lie? Continue reading