There’s No Fool Like An Old Fool

Another article I came across that had my blood boiling (think I should stop reading these).

This article has been copied word for word from Daily Mail.

My greedy ex took everything and I’m a bitter wreck:

“My 66th birthday is approaching and I feel I want it to be my last. It all began when I was 15 and met Trevor. My father was difficult and domineering, consequently I married Trevor just after my 17th birthday.

We both became social workers and had the usual ups and downs, but our family life with four children was loving and close. In 2003, on our 40th anniversary, we renewed our wedding vows on a Tobago beach.

In 2004, I had cancer, and during this time Trevor was the most devoted, caring partner I could have wished for. I retired in 2006, looking forward to spending time with our grandchildren.

In 2006, Trevor became a senior lecturer. In 2007, he changed — saying the job was difficult.

He started going to conferences, couldn’t give details, would turn off his mobile at night. You guessed right — an affair with one of his students. At the time she was 28, he was 62. She’d been married twice and had three children by different fathers — the children are the same ages as three of our grandchildren. 

Confronted by me, he ran out of the door. Afterwards, he was never allowed (by her) to see me to discuss our marriage of 44 years. Within two weeks of me finding out, he moved her to live close to our home. I felt rejected, humiliated and used.

The family were in shock, except my eldest daughter, who knew about the affair and had already formed a relationship with my replacement. He finally ended our marriage by text.

Our home had to be sold; I couldn’t believe his nastiness and greed. I had to return to work because he was supporting her. He wanted everything from the house: I even received a list of items in her writing. 

Two of my daughters and my son have refused to have anything to do with my replacement. I was accused of influencing them, but they’re all over 30.

I struggled to keep a relationship with my eldest, but couldn’t bear knowing she was socialising and holidaying with them, so cut contact, though it broke my heart. 

I felt like ending my life, so kept a photo of my grandchildren with me to remind me that I was loved and to hurt them would be unforgiveable.

Now I have a new life — closer to three of my children than ever. My new partner loves me, but I cannot love back. My heart is frozen. 

I’ve tried counselling (ironically, my ex used to be a counsellor) and I was told I had a right to feel bitter, but it’s not a positive emotion to carry around.

I see my replacement driving what used to be my car, going to my hairdresser, working at the same job I had with some of my old friends, who feel uncomfortable.

I want to give myself a good shake, tell myself I’m lucky to have someone who loves me, but I feel stuck.”

This poor woman had been with this man all her life, they had almost made it to 50 years together and then he decides to up and leave for a woman 34 years younger than him. Asshole. If he wanted to leave why not do it earlier when his wife would still have her good years ahead of her to start over and begin a new life. All she has ever known is him; they married when she was still a child; 17 years old. She is now 66 years old and is being forced to start a new life, whilst he has already moved on with his young student.

“Within two weeks of me finding out, he moved her to live close to our home. I felt rejected, humiliated and used.” I cannot believe how selfish, inconsiderate and disrespectful a grown man (who should know better) can be. Not only does he cheat on his wife, humiliate her and their 49 year relationship, but he then decides to move his idiot partner close to his home? How dumb is this guy! I would love to meet him just to kick his balls. Also she wrote that he ran out the door when she confronted him and then ended it with a text – says it all doesn’t it. A stupid-foolish-thinking-with-his-dick-coward.

On a serious note though, how does one end almost 50 years of marriage with a text – am I missing something here!

That brings me on to the other woman, firstly I doubt they will last. I really don’t believe this young 30 something year old will stick around with an almost 70 year old. Her track record isn’t so great either – 3 kids by different men – really? Also how the fuck can someone like that have no qualms about breaking up a family and a 49 year marriage, and then actually have the nerve to send the wife a list with the items the husband wants through the divorce. In her own handwriting! She also stopped him from seeing his wife to discuss the divorce. Why would you do that, was breaking up a family not enough, you feel the need to dig the knife deeper? But this brings me again to the old fool – why would you allow some little minx to dictate the last 50 years of your life – are you a man or a mouse?

This woman then proceeds to now drive the wife’s old car, socialise in the places the wife called her own and flaunt the fact that she is living the wife’s life. This female (I refuse to call her a lady), is delusional, fucked in the head and needs to watch her ass, because Karma is a bitch!

Next in the line of idiots is the eldest daughter. Her mother devoted her life to raise her, nurture her and love her. How does she repay her? By befriending the other woman and welcoming her into the family. Seriously, you’re really going to go there?! Not only did she betray her mother by keeping the knowledge of the affair a secret, she then went and nicely stabbed her in the back by socialising and holidaying with the other woman. The woman who helped break her parents relationship and her family. Disgusting.

The husband aka man-whore slut, needs a real man to slap him back to reality. Fine, what is done is done, you had an affair and left your wife and family. But why the need to keep twisting the knife? Why take the house and the majority of the belongings, he fucked up so he forfeited his right to those. He then decides to support his little slut and make his 66 YEAR OLD WIFE RETURN TO WORK!! What kind of human being would put a poor 66 year old lady through all this drama, heartache and hurt at this point in her life. I cannot believe how selfish and cruel people can be.

She should be retiring, living, laughing, reminiscing and enjoying the fruits of her life’s labour.

Instead she has lost everything and has to restart. What a brave strong woman she is.

To the husband, mistress and idiot daughter – I hope Karma pays you a visit, y’all deserve it.


11 thoughts on “There’s No Fool Like An Old Fool

  1. Socialkenny says:

    This is exactly why I’m anti- marriage.

    Marriage is a woman’s donmain.She ultimately has the power(legally and psychologically).

    As a chic;I expect you to be outraged of this article though.

  2. Hope says:

    He was a jerk and he was used. I wonder how he would feel when the young thing leaves him after taking all his money. Karma is a bitch!

    • Exactly – and now she has the ‘prize’ I doubt she will stick around long. For some women they just need to feel that they have ‘won’ the guy and then they are over it.

      • Hope says:

        And get half of his assets. 🙂

        • I totally forgot about that!

          If she does get half his assets, then I don’t know how he looks himself in the mirror. His poor 66 year old wife has to return to work and this slut gets what is rightfully owed to the ex-wife.

          I would be spitting fire.

          • Hope says:

            The ex-wife gets 50% (at least) in certain states. Afterwards, generally, the slut gets 50% of whatever he earns during the new marriage, if he is still working unless he gives things to the slut as “gifts” and unless he dies (and he designates her, and not the daughter, to inherit his property).

  3. DeCode says:

    lol, I can’t help but laugh at your being gullible enough to just take her story at face value. You REALLY think ANYONE would be married for almost 50 years in a “happy” marriage and just drop it at the first opportunity?! Obviously you have never been married. And obviously you are a youngin,

    He was probably unhappy for years. She was probably content at best and indifferent at worst. He was not getting what he needed from the relationship; but if i am to believe her story wholly, she was getting what she needed. which adds up to she was probably taking him for granted or just out right sucking the life out of him in a lifelong state of self-absorbency.

    I have no doubt the new relationship will probably not last. But then again, who says that’s what he wants. Naturally, men are romantically and sexually viable and active well into old age i.e. 60, 70, to 80 years old – unlike women who once that far up in age, can barely be bothered with sex, let alone attracting anyone other than a trapped husband to actually sleep with them.

    • I am young and have never been married. You make great points about what the state of their relationship was probably like. But again this story comes down to cheating. If he wasn’t happy he should have expressed that, why can’t people just open their bloody mouths and say how they feel. All this game playing and saying something but meaning something else is just a waste of time and a load of BS.

      • DeCode says:

        it would be so nice if it could work that way. but relationships -especially marriage- is just far to complicated, financially, emotionally and in the case of children, family, and friends-messy. to just end over a lack of romance, or happiness. it becomes much bigger than just the two of you. and the ramifications of ending it have far reaching consequences for all involved.

        • Yes you’re right. There are too many other factors that affect relationships. It’s just that since there is so much other crap that affects relationships (family, friends, money, life circumstances etc) why can’t people make it easier for themselves by being real, thats all I mean.

          For example I hardly ever lie about important stuff. Of course when it comes to the ‘who spilled the milk’ I’ll lie and say not me. But thats insignificant stuff.

          When it comes to real big issues I almost never lie, can’t say I have never lied because I probably have in the past (can’t remember right now). So it’s just stuff like that which pisses me off. I guess I am way too naive, because I am straight-up in life. I will say it like it is, so I tend to expect the same from those around me.

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