It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry if I want to

Today is my Birthday! No matter how much I deny it and how much I claim its just another day, I LOVE my birthday. Its that one day a year which is about me, where the attention is on me, my own special day.

Every year I get excited a month before the date, then the weeks from there on and then the day before is like Christmas Eve, all anticipation and excitement. So whilst I am in my element, for everyone else it is, obviously, just another day. So I wake up on my birthday morning and jump out of bed with a smile on my face, but as the hours of the day go by that smile gets smaller and smaller.

I have noticed that after my childhood years I suffer from the birthday blues. Why?

Answer: High expectations followed by the inevitable anti-climax.

I spend all this energy and effort cheering myself up about my birthday but then on the actual day its like coming down from a high; depressing and exhausting. I have noticed a recurring theme every year, the inner child in me has these unrealistic and high expectations of what my birthday should be like (I blame the movies), but then reality is nothing like so. Continue reading