Procrastination is a Bitch

Right now I should be filling in and submitted application forms for the summer internship/placement programmes I so desperately want. I should mention that it is a friday night – I know what your thinking – wow this girl know’s how to party hard. YEH BOI! But as you can see procrastination is a bitch! In my second year of university I really need (and actually really want) an industrial placement (a one year internship during your degree in industry) for this autumn and failing that I at least hope for a summer internship.

Having been rejected from countless number of companies already my self confidence is slowly deteriorating (and it wasn’t even full to begin with)! So when the application form comes to the questions “why do you want to work for us” and “why do you want to work in this line of profession” my almost complete application gets ignored and pushed away for a very long time. I for the life of me cannot seem to form an answer worthy enough for others to read. Like seriously do you see me asking you why your favourite colour is your favourite? Like come on the answer is “because it fucking is”. But I doubt that would get me very far.

So instead I am making matters no better by sitting here and writing this blog which will probably not even be read by anyone. I know man I am so cool. Instead of doing what any other fun living teenager would be doing right now – getting ready for a friday night out – I am doing what I do best – wasting my time.

If anyone can give me any tips for not procrastinating, or even better answers for those horrid application questions please do. The real gangster however is that person who is willing to give me a job – any takers?


Why Hello There

Whoever is reading this right now, thank you for stumbling upon my blog. Since this is my first post I’ll tell y’all a bit about myself. I am a 19 year old British girl who thought hey I’m bored, so let’s share my thoughts with strangers who I shall never meet. I mean is that not the point of these things?

As you may have noticed I am blunt, straight and to the point. Something you will either love or hate. I swear (if that’s not you’re thing, I am pre-warning you), I say it like it is and quite frankly I don’t give a shit. Well, you see actually there is one (of my many) problems. My personality seems to change like the wind, or as I like to explain to people I am a true gemini (the horoscope known for it’s opposing twin personalities). So half the time I am as described above, but the other half of the time I seem to morph into my own gemini twin and become a very vulnerable, kind-hearted sensitive individual who will start bawling at anything that passes by. Now you see why I can’t figure myself out?

Any-who, I am probably one of the most boring people you will ever find. I am that one person who hates the “what are you hobbies and interests” question. Like seriously I have no hobbies unless watching TV is one of them and I find that my attention span is too short and volatile for me to have an interest in anything for too long. The only thing going for me right now is my wit, sharp tongue and strong (sardonic) opinions.

Ok now the reason for my username is that it describes me to the point. DQueenWannaB = drama queen wanna be. If you are thinking WTF? WHY? Well I live life by the rules (a rare individual in this crazy generation), and I mean pretty much to the T. I guess it was the way I was raised, in a strict, traditional reserved family with traditional, reserved morals and values. So no matter how much of a ‘gangster’ and ‘hard-man’ I have thought myself to be (yeh right!) this following quote sums me up pretty damn nicely:

I have fancied myself a rebel, but at every critical moment of my life, I have been exactly the child my parents raised. ~Robert Brault~

Pretty much says it all don’t it?

So if anyone actually see’s this stuff and bothers to read it I will sort of be blogging a journal based on my thoughts and opinions on general random topics I feel passionate or strongly opinionated about.

So if you happen to be passing by and read this drop me a message saying hi 🙂