What I keep Telling Y’all!

Hate guys who whore around then want to settle down with the good girls later on. Think again sunshine!



6 thoughts on “What I keep Telling Y’all!

  1. Socialkenny says:

    You should give women this advice. Don’t sleep around and then go for the good guys when the vagina is all worn out. Just saying.

    • It’s men who do this more than woman. When guys reach about their 40’s/50’s they all of a sudden expect to settle down with an innocent naive 20 something! Like dude get real! Your ship has passed.

      Yes, there are woman who do this, but if you guys hate it so much why do you go for the slutty type, when it’s a given that she would have whored around?

      • Socialkenny says:

        You have a point, but I’m not quite sure that those men were whores in essence and now turn 50 and think they should have a 20 year old. And think those men were pretty much sheltered or bogged down in work where they had no time for dating when they were 30.
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  2. some dude says:

    why would any guy with options want to settle down. that’s female projection.

    • Fine, don’t settle down – but make that clear to the girls you’re running after! And majority of guys who live the bachelor lifestyle want to settle down in their 40’s-60’s – just saying that after the type of life they have lived and shit they have done, they can’t expect to settle down with a fresh young girl!

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