I lied to get into her pants……It worked

So I came across the picture below and it got me thinking about a topic that has been baffling, confusing and quite frankly annoying the hell out of me for a long time. Guys and Girls perceptions of one another and sex?

In this materialist and highly sexualised generation we live in, nothing no longer seems sacred. Simple actions have double intentions, words have heavy innuendos and people have two faces. So where does that leave me and my rare innocent others? In a world where people claim to be “so deeply in love” after 5 days and then scream abuse and insults at one another, 3 days later, what is the truth and what was the lie?

The picture above seems to sum up our generation, or the over-hyped-media stereotype of our generation. So is it true or is the media and celebrity culture the only ones carrying out sordid affairs, one night stands and casual sex. In the towns and villages of us mere mortals, is this an everyday occurrence, do men really just lie and feed us the lines we want to hear just for a quick 10 minute romp in the sack.

Are there any real men left out there, who actually want a loving, caring relationship?

Now for someone like me, the naive, innocent, gullible little girl, the whole “men only want sex” stereotype scares me more than I would ever admit face-to-face. As a non-active member of the dating scene, programmes such as Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore, The Only Way Is Essex etc, have me wanting to shy even further away. If I was standing at the bar in a club and someone actually paid interest in me and starting sprouting out the lines, I would (ashamedly so) be lapping them up like an oasis in a desert. So to a non-experienced dater like myself, how would I be able to tell sniff out the lies from the truth, the con-artists from the innocents and the pathetic boys from the real men?

In an established relationship where the female is envisioning a white dress, picket fences and little baby mittens, but the male is thinking of sex, sex and more sex (until he maybe feels that the relationship has run its course), to which he then starts looking around. Where does that leave us innocent women? Any male readers, don’t get me wrong as I realise there are many women out there who now run alongside the male race, and play the game just as well as they do. So do guys just see women as sexual objects, as is mentioned and portrayed in the media. For example music videos no longer contain a story-theme related to the song but instead contain half naked girls grinding (notice the lack of the word “dancing”) against fully clothed guys. But that brings along another issue; why are there so MANY willing females ready to get naked for men, but then cry the morning after having been used and abused! I may lack self-esteem but I have the one thing that will always protect me: SELF RESPECT. Why is self-respect such a rare undervalued trait amongst people these days, what happened to pride and knowing that there are some things that you ARE better than.

Why is this generation (sadly my generation) so lacking in morals and will power? Any teenager or young adult reading this; you do NOT have to give into peer pressure and conform to what your friends think is “cool”. If you find yourself in situation where you are having to question the morals and principles your parents instilled in you, then keep your armour up and be true to yourself. Because at the end of the day its you who is going to bear the consequences, not that crowd of people cheering you on (who might I add always happen to disappear when reality hits).

Going back to the original issue I guess my big question is that in this day and age are men only after sex, are they really thinking of a long lasting, loving, caring relationship like we women do? Or is sex the ultimate goal, with everything else in-between just a means to an end? Please comment on your views and opinions as they would help out an anxious female who is very quickly losing her faith in the male species. Sorry if this offends any decent males out there but I haven’t seen or heard any evidence to convince me otherwise.

9 thoughts on “I lied to get into her pants……It worked

  1. Although there’s a LOT of evidence out there which would make you believe that all men are DAWGS, please continue to have faith. I’ve come across many nice men in my 49 yrs. They’re out there. Trust in your own judgement……and trust your gut.

    • Thank you for commenting and the reassuring attitude. I will try to not to judge all men so harshly, and fingers crossed I find one of the good ones 🙂

      • All you have to do is figure out what you want and go after it. Don’t settle. Make the universe aware of your “wish list”. Keep your radar going. He’s out there. Find him.

        • Your positive attitude put a smile on my face. Thank you!

          • It’s okay to be angry at men……but only for a while. Anger is toxic and will eat at you. Use it as a stepping stone to happiness.
            There are great men out there. When you’re ready you’ll come across them.
            Be happy and you’ll meet happy people. 🙂

          • From experience I can definitely agree that anger is toxic and it does eat you up. I experience things very deeply, so letting go of things is extra hard for me. So you can just imagine how I hold onto anger, but I have seen that holding on only damages me and doesn’t change the circumstances, so I’m working on that.

          • Keep up the great job of staying happy. I understand how hard it can be to let go. I’ve been there, done that, have the t-shirt. It got me nowhere. It gave me cancer.
            Keep being happy…….and spreading the happiness. 🙂

          • I am so sorry for what you have had to go through 😦
            But I admire your strength and your willpower to still smile. Thats Inspiring.
            Keep up that smile and so shall I.

  2. yinriench says:

    Could you give me the source of this picture, please?

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