My First Date

I finally took life into my own hands and took the plunge.

Been following this guy on Instagram with an amazing physique and personality. He was way of out my league, but I still sent him a message. Imagine my surprise when he responded and we got talking.

“Want to grab a bite to eat or some coffee?”

I was jumping up and down and panicking at the same time. I have never done something like this before but my goodness did I want to.

This guy was built like a God, had a beard (swoon), amazing personality, was my religion and seemed like a genuinely cool person.

So what gave me the guts to contact this Adonis? His account mentioned depression and social anxiety. If you saw what he looked like you wouldn’t believe it either.

Fast forward. We met up for coffee at Starbucks. I was super shy and nervous at first but the thought of his social anxiety put me at ease.

He was pretty easy to talk to. There was a lot of question asking as this was our first meet, and we talked for 2hours!

I was so physically attracted to this guy, he had a sexy deep voice, gorgeous light grey eyes, amazing personality and to top it off he was so humble. What are the odds. Seriously?

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Will You Hold My Hand, Please?

I’m seeking a husband.

But I’ve never had a date. I’m 24.

It’s a little different in my culture, we’re not supposed to date around in order to avoid temptation as we are to enter marriage as virgins.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to be 24 and never have been in a relationship. I am craving male companionship and physical contact, not necessarily sex, but simply holding hands and having someone to hug. Try going that long without that physical human contact, it gets quite lonely.

I have informed my family that I am ready for marriage and they have started ‘the search’. This involves them asking friends and family in our community of any suitable matches. It’s basically old-school match-making. Word spreads and you end up marrying your Gran’s-sisters-husbands-brothers-sons-cousins-friends-uncles-son.

It’s an arranged marriage which isn’t so much arranged. My family are the matchmakers who introduce potentials and we both will meet and chat and decide if we would like to get to know each other, but you do so with a marriage in view (average engagement is around 1-2years). During the time that you ‘date’ you are essentially wedding planing, which may seem odd to those from the Western world.


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When The World Turns A Blind Eye

Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa 253 days on Hunger Strike to seek the release of prisons held unlawfully.

Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa 253 days on Hunger Strike to seek the release of prisoners held unlawfully.


  • Surat Singh Khalsa, a civil rights activist.
  • Aged 82


  • Has been on a hunger strike since 16th January 2015
  • That was 9 MONTHS AGO
  • There has been no media coverage apart from that provided by Sikh Channels.
  • Indian government refuses to respond or even acknowledge what is going on.
  • Peaceful protests have been acted out by Sikhs worldwide but no one listens.
Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa's emaciated body on a hunger strike, peacefully protesting for civil rights.

Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa’s emaciated body on a hunger strike, peacefully protesting for civil rights.


  • Punjab, India


  • To get the release of Sikh Political prisoners who have completed their sentence.
  • Also seeks release of all prisoners who have completed their sentences and are being unlawfully held, regardless of religion.
  • Indian government won’t release them, they are holding them on no legal grounds.
Earlier picture of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa before Hunger Strike

Earlier picture of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa before Hunger Strike


  • Because of the small coverage that is being carried out by Sikhs, the Government have ARRESTED Surat Singh Khalsa from his home several times since his hunger strike. They FORCED their way into his home, threatened family and friends around him and chained him to hospital beds, force-feeding him via In-Vitro tubes.
  • He did NOTHING to warrant these arrests. He is weak and has no energy, he can only lie in bed and await the fate of God.
  • His Son-In-Law was found murdered in Chicago on 18th August 2015.
  • Only 1 month ago.
  • Coincidence? I think not.
  • We believe this was orchestrated by the Indian Government to send a message.
  • There is no media coverage by the western world and no response from Governments.
  • The Indian Government won’t allow any media coverage on this, only certain Sikh funded channels are managing to keep some of us with access updated.
  • This is a joke. Hindu Anna Hazare completed a 4 DAY hunger strike for something and he got WIDE MEDIA COVERAGE and his requests granted within 3 days.
Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa early days into hunger strike.

Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa early days into hunger strike.

No words can describe how disgusted, isolated and hurt I feel for this poor man and everything he represents. Which is my culture, religion and society.

The world turned their backs on him.

They continue to turn a blind-eye.

Fear God, for he knows everything and his judgement is final.

God bless his soul.

I don’t fear for a physical death, but when my conscience dies, that is a real death~Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale


Never before seen footage from Sri Harmandir Sahib, The Sikh Golden Temple. These people are truly devoted, I can only hope that I reach this level of devotion and selfless service one day.

Born because of the karma of their past mistakes, they make more mistakes, and fall into mistakes. ~ Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

The servant carries the bags of money on his head, but it goes to his master’s house, and he receives only pain. The man sits as a king in his dreams, but when he opens his eyes, he sees that it was all in vain. ~ Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji