Seriously Them Apes Though

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The Truth

I am 22 years old and have never had a boyfriend.

I have had limited physical contact with people in general, let alone with males. Having not been a ‘touchy-feely’ kind of person my whole life, I have lacked both receiving and giving affection. You know the type of person who flinches or subtly moves away when another places a hand on their shoulder, or touches them accidentally by sitting too close? That’s me. I don’t even like my own mother touching me for-goodness-sake!

One week ago at a wedding I received warm, friendly, if not slightly flirty admissions from a handsome young-man. Its a weird case of knowing of one another, but only having met for the first time there and then. He was slightly drunk and greeted me warmly, we knew one another in a distant way. His simple way in actually making me feel welcome opened me up to him. I felt my walls come crashing down, and boy have I spent years putting them up. I felt free when I sat there laughing and joking with him. Corny as it is, I felt heady and was lost to all around us.

holding hands, touching flirting

I couldn’t fully understand his intentions, but his behavior consisted of repeatedly doing the following:

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Live And Let Live

Human beings (especially males) are hypocrites.

Definition of a hypocrite: a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives.

Upon seeing a gay, homosexual couple across the street or on the TV they will express their utter disgust of those “faggots” and spit on the floor and utter profanities. However later on tonight those same individuals will log onto their computers, bring up a porn site, type in “Lesbians” and watch two or more females going at it for hours on end (or until they receive their own pleasure).


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