They Can’t Poke Me Anymore

Started 2016 off with a bang by deactivating my Facebook account! Wowza that felt good.

I’m not committing to never going back, but a break from it will be good for me. This is one resolution that I have partially completed by just clicking the button. I was really apprehensive and didn’t want to do it, worrying that I would miss out on a lot of gossip and information about my ‘FB Friends’, but nevertheless I have just pressed the Deactivate Button people!

My low-self esteem, low-self worth and confidence is a problem that spills onto every aspect of my life. Facebook and general social media culture consists of people posting the most fabulous moments of their life for the world to see, which can get a little depressing. Especially when you know you are prone to the little green eye and base your self-worth on every comparison you can make to others.

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Blind, Blind World

The Paris Attacks are all over the news. Not being funny but these aren’t the worst attacks the world has seen, so why is the media coverage so substantial? They keep showing the same story again and again. Like I said, there have been and are at present more barbaric attacks going on.

Funny how they keep rabbiting on about ‘FREEDOM OF SPEECH’. Don’t make me laugh. Come talk to me about that when a person can’t get arrested or put on the watch list for their Tweets, Facebook posts of Blog Articles.

2,500 people have been massacred in Nigera by the terror group Boko Haram.

This happened last week. Same time as Charlie Hedbo. Think about that.

you have eyes but cannot see“One witness described how the ruthless terror group were shooting indiscriminately, killing even small children and a woman who was in labour. He added: ‘Half of the baby boy is out and she died like this.”

2,500 people killed in cold blood in one day and not even one news channel covering this story. At least not in the UK. 17 people killed in Paris and the whole world stands up. Disgusting.

The image of the world leaders walking linked arm in arm makes me laugh. How disgusting.

Corrupt bunch of spoon-fed idiots.

I’m done.

21st Century Truth

I spend hours looking through Blogs, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. What I find so intriguing is that everyone feels so at ease in revealing their inner most desires and opening up to the world, but we are unable to uphold this truth in real life.

The majority of us desire, want and crave the same things from life. Yet we can’t seem to communicate this face-to-face. We skirt around the issue with our friends and family, perhaps afraid of their reaction. Most of us may spend hours with our friends gossiping about superficial things but then go home and reveal our true inner-selves behind the safety of a computer screen.

I really feel there are many individuals who I follow on Tumblr, Twitter and via Blogs, that I could connect with. That I could be best friends with because their posts speak to me. We seem to be in the same point in our lives. We want the same things. But some, if not most, of these individuals do not act like that in the real world (myself included). The internet and social networks allow us to emphasize, magnify and intensify everything. So something good, will look amazing and perfect – after being sugarcoated and perhaps modified a little to make it sound or look better. Something bad will look worse – after being taken out of context because the individual was angry at the time of posting it. Continue reading