The West Is Sleeping. The East Is Dying.

But God is watching. Karma is keeping track. Keeping all notches neatly wracked.

I’m sick with disgust.

My mind is boggled. Stunned.

When did we become so selfish. So heartless.

I see Humans, no Humanity.

We picked faceless cowards to organise society.

These motherfuckers sit at the top on their thrones making bullshit decisions which destroy the lives of the innocent.

They surround themselves and their families with the most technologically complex security. Protected in their gilded cages. But are happy for barefoot, baby faced children in Syria to stare into the barrel of a gun.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 20.55.48

Meanwhile the rest of the world search for Pokemon. I don’t want to live on this Earth any more. Omran Daqneesh. Russian Airstrike on Syria. Another War Casualty.

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I See Humans, No Humanity.




Omran Daqneesh.

5 years old.

Chubby arms and legs. Cute angel face. Floppy Hair. Baby round belly.

Cuts and bruises.

Blood and dust.

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Real Life Vampire

So I’ve just concluded what I suspected all along; I’m a vampire.

Please don’t all rush at once to touch me.

Why this whole Twilight Saga?

  • I get headaches in the sun. Seriously every single time the sun is out!
  • I can’t stand even the slightest bit of sunlight – it hurts my eyes so much. I squint on cloudy days forgoodness-sake.
  • I hate the smell of garlic, it makes me gag.
  • I love darkness, I could very happily sit in a dark room alone.
  • I like my own company, lone soldier all the way.
  • I prefer the night to day (again something to do with sunlight).
  • My neck is EXTREMELY sensitive. The slightest touch to my neck sends me in sensory overload. Must be my Vampire ancestral instincts protecting me from the deadly bite.
  • I’m really quite pale in comparison to my family. You can see a lot of my veins over my body and I bruise so easily!
  • I have a very unnatural and extreme interest in all things supernatural. Must be my fellow brethren calling for me.

Ok I’m feeling the thirst now, must go hunt.