I Go Blind And Let The Lord Do His Thing

I’m no longer consistently posting, but that’s because I’m out here living.

Don’t really want to do that usual 2017 new year post thing, but I feel like I need to reflect back on 2016.

Politically the year sucked for the world.

Personally this was a good year for me.

Looking back through my blog I had so much negative anger that I kept hold off. I turned myself into my own biggest problem – that’s a story for another day.

All I want to say for anyone out there who finds themselves relating to my blogs is that it’s ok. I found out that you need to go through the crazy times in order to FIND yourself. You need to hit rock bottom and figure out how to climb back up by YOURSELF. No matter how many people you are surrounded by that love you, it is your personal journal to SELF discovery. If you aren’t the one picking yourself up, then it’s not happening man, you are not living YOUR life. Stop waiting for someone to put out a helping hand, sad truth is that everyone is out here for themselves.

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The Poorest People Have The Richest Soul

This video shows a 10-year-old Argentinean boy, Santiago, getting a cutting board from his parents for Christmas. He thanked his mom, hugged her and tells her that he can’t wait to start cooking with it. Then his parent’s surprise him. Although they are struggling for money they saved up so that they could give him a Tablet and his reaction is beautiful!

He is so appreciative of this gift, but what makes it beautiful is that he truly expressed gratitude for the simple cutting board, because he understood his families struggles.

This video made cry.

I got the following translation of the video from here:

Kid: oh, wooden board! (tableta/tabla = chopping board)

Dad: what does it say?

K: it’s nice, it is to put meat on it and cut it with a knife. Now I’m only missing a fork.

D:yes but, what does the card say?

K:I’ve read it already, “for you to eat barbecue with your knife. We love you a lot mom and dad”. Thanks!

Mom:you can use any fork (hugh) I love you.

-other gift.

D:What does it say?

K:for you to not use Poxiran any longer (Poxiran :glue commonly used to glue snikers). Snikers!… I won’t have to use Poxiran…

Aaand then he sees the tablet inside the shoes box and cries, he did put quite stoic face and tried to look pleased with the first gift.. He is a good boy.

Today children have no value of money and take everything for granted, thinking that the world owes them it all. Small children over 4 years of age own iphones, ipads, Tablets etc. They have all the greatest technology money can buy, simply because mummy and daddy can afford it. But it means nothing to them. It doesn’t even phase them anymore.

Where is the appreciation?

Where is the gratitude?

Where is the respect for ones own gifts and possessions?

Those who have found out that money doesn’t make you rich are the ones laughing. They have found the real treasures of the world and are rejoicing in the simple delights of them.

I’m not a spender and I’m not into spoiling children. But I really want to find this sweet, humble child and buy him and his family everything they need to live a more comfortable lifestyle! When someone truly appreciates something, you are more than willing to lavish them with it.

They Make Us To Break Us

You see this way too often, a teenager or adult commits suicide and only then does society acknowledge them. They then get the attention they needed and craved when the news article publishes their story. Too little too late. Society breaks people down by ridiculing every decision they make. They create a vulnerable and broken shell of what that person once was. Then they load the gun and hand it over. Of course they don’t pull the trigger, they couldn’t possibly be caught with blood on their hands. Just like a clever convict they play the character of a shocked mourner well.  Who ever suspects the guy standing at the front crying at the funeral?

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