I See Humans, No Humanity.




Omran Daqneesh.

5 years old.

Chubby arms and legs. Cute angel face. Floppy Hair. Baby round belly.

Cuts and bruises.

Blood and dust.

Not a single tear.

Buried alive for more than 1hour. Remember I’m 5, so 1hour = 15 hours to me. I’m scared, buried under rubble, just heard a bomb explode. So multiply that by another 5.

Not a single tear.

I’ve been pulled out, there’s screaming all around me. Shouting and bangs. Pushing and shoving. Cameras staring and clicking.

Not a single tear.

I’m 5, I want my Mummy. I’m surrounded by strangers.

Not a single word.

What’s this on my face, oh red sticky stuff. I’ll just wipe it off.

Not a single word.

Everything hurts. I’m scared I don’t know what to do.

I’m scared. I’m lost. I’m confused.

Not a single tear.


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