Just Tryna Breathe Above Water

I just want to quit. I am so sick of studying I don’t think I can do this anymore.

Part of my job is to study towards a professional qualification alongside working. I am so sick and tired of studying. I have completed high school, 6th form (college), 4 years at University and now I have another 3 years for this. There is only so many times you can go through revision and exams and I am reaching my boiling point. God help me. I really want to give up. Feeling like a haggard old lady right about now.

It’s funny really, my grandma said your going to grow old studying. I pictures myself as an old grandma sitting at her desk revising as she said that. I am just ready to live life. I can’t keep doing this stressful thing. And I’ve not even completed year one yet. Drowning over here.


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