They Can’t Poke Me Anymore

Started 2016 off with a bang by deactivating my Facebook account! Wowza that felt good.

I’m not committing to never going back, but a break from it will be good for me. This is one resolution that I have partially completed by just clicking the button. I was really apprehensive and didn’t want to do it, worrying that I would miss out on a lot of gossip and information about my ‘FB Friends’, but nevertheless I have just pressed the Deactivate Button people!

My low-self esteem, low-self worth and confidence is a problem that spills onto every aspect of my life. Facebook and general social media culture consists of people posting the most fabulous moments of their life for the world to see, which can get a little depressing. Especially when you know you are prone to the little green eye and base your self-worth on every comparison you can make to others.

Screen shot 2016-01-02 at 16.31.34

Facebook was great for me to keep in touch with family and friends abroad, see pictures of my cousins getting married and generally see how a small handful of friends are getting on with their lives. But there were more than a few people on my friends list who loved themselves a bit too much, posts selfies every 3 hours and acted 50 shades of different every 12 hours.

I found myself obsessing with how certain people were so pretty, how unfair it was that their pulling-silly-faces-selfies were so perfect, how X had just got their dream job, how Y had brought a big fancy house, how Z was traveling across Asia, how W had brought a flash new car, how XYZ were going out clubbing and looked so good, but I was stuck at home in my pajamas stalking them online whilst stuffing my face.

Yep, you get the drift, it was sad. Pathetic. Basically a self-induced toxic concoction of negativity. I was making myself bitter trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’. I kept telling myself to get off Facebook so that I didn’t keep exposing myself to what was obviously not good for my fragile mental esteem. But the snooping, stalking and daily gossip book just becomes a habit, a glutton for punishment.

Anyhow I can push that aside and move on. I have deactivated my account and can spend the time wasted on Facebook to improving myself and getting of the couch. That’s the plan, so lets hope I can stick to it. Baby steps.


2 thoughts on “They Can’t Poke Me Anymore

  1. splitspeak says:

    You did good! Best wishes….

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