Real Life Vampire

So I’ve just concluded what I suspected all along; I’m a vampire.

Please don’t all rush at once to touch me.

Why this whole Twilight Saga?

  • I get headaches in the sun. Seriously every single time the sun is out!
  • I can’t stand even the slightest bit of sunlight – it hurts my eyes so much. I squint on cloudy days forgoodness-sake.
  • I hate the smell of garlic, it makes me gag.
  • I love darkness, I could very happily sit in a dark room alone.
  • I like my own company, lone soldier all the way.
  • I prefer the night to day (again something to do with sunlight).
  • My neck is EXTREMELY sensitive. The slightest touch to my neck sends me in sensory overload. Must be my Vampire ancestral instincts protecting me from the deadly bite.
  • I’m really quite pale in comparison to my family. You can see a lot of my veins over my body and I bruise so easily!
  • I have a very unnatural and extreme interest in all things supernatural. Must be my fellow brethren calling for me.

Ok I’m feeling the thirst now, must go hunt.


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