Killing Me Softly With His Song

We are born curious, loving creatures with boundless amounts of energy and spirit. But too many of us become shells of ourselves, our energy lost and spirit dead in our eyes.

I came across this picture below and it spoke volumes to me.

killing the spirit of humanityWhat happened? Who or what kills the soul? Is life not supposed to be a loving experience where humans encourage and support their fellow companions. Instead I feel as if those around us are more responsible for killing our humanity than not, either directly or indirectly.

Where does all that life go? The following scenarios and examples come to mind as answer to this.

  • A hyper, energetic child wanting his parents attentions. Parents are tired after a long day of work and shout at the child to stop asking so many questions, or to sit down and be quiet.
  • A loud, energetic child at first day of school tries to join a group of kids playing. Kids think the child is weird, don’t like his looks or ideas of play and brand him/her a loser. Child slowly becomes a loner because no one can understand or see his/her point of view of the world.
  • A confused teenager trying to understand where he/she fits in, goes to high-school and asks to sit with group of friends. Group doesn’t like look of teen and doesn’t give the teen a chance. Teen becomes loner and loses faith in humanity.
  • Teenager/kid has dreams or ideas of life they wish to experience which don’t match those of his/her family. Child’s dreams slowly die and change to conform to those expected by family and society.
  • Child/teen has the ability to experience his/her dreams or opportunities they wish to try but lacks confidence in self. An embarrassing moment or failure in any one experience is a knock/set-back to child and they retreat back into their shell not wishing to be a laughing stock. Child slowly becomes a recluse.

Each of the examples above are some of the few things that occur repeatedly to slowly then become the hypothetical ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’ or in this case ‘the event that killed his spirit’.

My point is that repeated discouragement or non-acceptance disheartens the heart and soul and causes the shining light in our eyes to dull over time.

How can we cause the death of a spirit when we all really want is the same thing? The end goal of life is acceptance. We want and need acceptance of others, but still we continue to deny others our own acceptance. What’s the point. We continue to fuel the damnation of society, but no one wants to change or give in. When will this all stop? Or am I just hanging around the wrong crowd, because life is a bit chilly at the moment and all I want is a hug.

“It’s just words. How can words be dangerous?”
“You have a lot to learn about the world, baby girl. Nothing is more dangerous than words.”
“That’s stupid. What about a gun? A gun can kill you dead.”
“Only your body,” Billy said. “It can’t kill your soul. Words can kill your soul.”
― Catherine Ryan Hyde, Don’t Let Me Go 


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