La La La…Got My Ipod Stuck On Replay

Think back to your teenage years, what vision or memory sums it all up for you?

For me it’s simply laying in my bed, shutting out the world and listening to my music. Oh sweet lord. Just laying in bed, tuning out everything and drowning in my music was basically me as a teenager. It was the best. The memory alone fills me with a warm glow. I just loved it. Each and every lyric meant something to me. The lyrics would express words for me when I was unable to, the rhythm and melodies were the lights in my life. Music was the only thing that was a calm constant in my life, it was the only thing that was ever able to cool my anger and lift me up.

teenage bedroom music

Yesterday I relived this after years. I hadn’t realised that I had lost this small pleasure until I found myself engrossed in beat of the tune whilst snuggled up all warm and comfy under my duvet. Wow. That felt really good. I haven’t really had a quiet, relaxing moment to myself over this past year, so I found myself truly appreciating this simple pleasure.

What happy memory do your teenage years bring back? Have you had a chance to re-live it? If so does it still feel as good as it did back then?

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain – Bob Marley


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