The Selfish Princess

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted everything. She wanted it her way and she wanted it now. They called her a drama queen, a bratty princess or a selfish snob. But at times, she found that she didn’t care.

She had a big family, over-protective but very loving. They were looking to go on big family holiday to a beautiful exotic location. The princess was happy, she liked beautiful white sands and azure seas. However the princess soon learned that getting the large royal family together was not always easy. There was more than ten people to consider and thus ten different timetables, schedules and lifestyles to take into account. The royal group consisted of children, teens, young adults, and middle-aged adults. The princess did not care, the only timetable and life-schedule that mattered to her was her own!

princess jasmine

At that moment in time the princess was a free bird, she had no commitments or responsibilities to consider. So of course she ignored the others menial issues of getting holiday time-off and just focused on what she wanted. The princess was available to go on holiday for a long time and THAT was what she wanted to do! But not everyone else was able to do this.

The princess was very upset and got angry. Why should she have to cut her vacation time just because of others? Why should she not be able to make the most of her freedom? Why could she not make the most of her free time the way she wanted to? Why did she always have to change her life for others? Why did she always have to take other people into consideration before making any decisions? It just wasn’t FAIR!

The princess had finished her education, so it wasn’t fair that she had to be constrained to a holiday schedule focused around school timetables. It wasn’t fair that she had to be restricted with holiday options just because some of the younger royals had to get back to school on a certain date! She had DONE her education over the past 17/18 years. Why was she still confined to the constraints of it, she fumed!

However deep down she felt conflicted, the King and Queen had not raised her to be selfish. They had always taught the princess to put others needs above her own, to be kind and selfless. But the princess was at cross-roads in her life. She felt that this was the only time for her to exercise her freedom. At this point in her young life she owed others nothing, no responsibilities. It was her time to spread her wings and fly, even if she came crashing to the ground. It was her time to make her own mistakes and learn from them.

princess jasmine sad

But she couldn’t. The princess lived in a castle, and had a big Royal family. The princess was to learn that her life was set out amongst a set of Royal protocols. There was certain behaviours expected of her. When living with so many royals under one big castle, they had to work together as a team. The Royal Palace united as one, or not at all.

But the princess was only human. There was only so much self-control one could practice. When the princess felt really upset and angry, she would go to her royal boudoir and listen to angry music whilst pacing the floors. She would sit amongst her hand-crafted bedroom table and type furiously on her laptop. The princess let her frustrations out the only way she could. She would vent quietly and anonymously on a blog public to the world, in the hope that someone in that magical milkyway called Cyber Space would understand and identity with her.


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