Pills N Potions…We’re No Longer Overdosing

Continuing on from Pills N Potions Day 2.

Day 3:

I’ve had no appetite with these pills and today is no different. My dizzy spells have been decreasing and I’ve been lucky enough to have avoided any crazy side-effects. But the sudden drop in calorie intake has left my body weak. It’s a weird case of having no appetite, but my body is the obviously suffering the brunt of this as it is dealing with a massive loss in fuel, BUT my body is unable to switch on the hunger signal in order to force me to eat. Very bizarre indeed. I feel the weakness most when I’m getting back up from a resting position, including sitting down on the sofa for a few minutes and then getting back up to carry on with my day. But it’s not significant enough to ring any alarm bells or make me feel really uncomfortable.

Day 4 – Graduation Day:

Graduation day is the finally here! But it’s also the hottest day in London! Just great. Wearing the ceremonial robes with the mortar board will not be very comfortable. But it’s worth it.

I have lost 2 pounds since my last weigh in. So this pill has allowed me to lose 2 pounds in 2 days! That is a serious result, and I can imagine this increasing significantly if I were to continue using the pills.

However, I decided that I will not take the pill today. Apart from not wanting to risk fainting during the ceremony, I have no appetite and the heat today will add to that. I feel normal, no different to any other day, so the pills have been fine for me, no crazy after-affects.

In summary I have only taken 3 Actislim Platinum pills over 3 days and have lost a quite a few pounds (can’t give a definite figure, previous post covers why).

The pills are good IF they agree with your body. Everyone is different and everyone who has tried them has proven that they work really well for some people, so massive weight loss in short amount of time, but if you are unlucky to experience extreme side-effects then you will suffer horribly.

I was a lucky one, I had minimal dizzy spells and quickly adjusted to the pills. I experienced fast weight loss over 3 days and would probably have a lot more if i continued the course. But I’m not going to, as I discussed before.

Anyway this was a good experiment, and I now that I know these work for me I can use them as a last-resort in any one-off, rare and desperate future situations!


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