Pills N Potions – Day 2

Continuing on from my previous post Pills N Potions.

As the day continued I found that the dizzy spells increased but not enough to make me sway on the spot. I was just more aware of my head spinning, nothing I couldn’t handle though.

The burst of energy dropped about 5-6 hours later, but if I had taken the second tablet this would not have been the case. The drop in energy caused a slight mood-swing. People talking whilst I was trying to watch TV got on my nerves and I found that I couldn’t be bothered with anyone. I felt tired enough to go to bed around 10pm and luckily was able to go to sleep in my normal insomniac manner (my mind wanders for hours before I am able to nod off on a normal day).

Although I woke numerous times throughout the night I was able to get back to sleep just as quickly. I shockingly had quite a restful sleep and awoke at 7am before my alarm (yes that is early for me). I was scared about waking up groggy with a lack of energy because of reliance on the tablet, but this was not the case. I awoke fresh and ready for the day. Trust me this NEVER happens. EVER.

Day 2:

I wasn’t really hungry (remnants of the tablet maybe?) but had a healthy breakfast anyway. I didn’t really feel like taking the tablet because I felt fine, and not in my usual hunger-mode, so I didn’t really want to bother with it. But I thought I may as well do this experiment properly so went ahead and took today’s pill.

I didn’t have any dizzy spells until later on in the day, and with it felt my energy start to wane (never really got the energy rush today).

The pill killed my hunger once again and I really had to force down the last of my lunch which consisted of chicken and vegetables. I am making sure that I continue to drink a lot of water throughout the day to avoid getting any headaches.

I haven’t had much energy today, my body feels weak and I can barely walk around much. However it is a hot day today and the heat affects me anyway (pathetic I know).

Only negative today is that I could barely eat my dinner and my stomach started to hurt. My dinner was spicy so I’m not sure if this caused the stomach ache. I then walked up the stairs and I felt really dizzy and found my breathing went shallow. I suffer from asthma anyway so I took my inhaler (my asthma has been playing up recently irregardless of the pills). The inhaler opened up my airways but I was still breathing heavy, sucking in the air.

My body definitely feels weak today and I’m not sure if I will take the pill again tomorrow! Everyone knows their own bodies best, so I will see how I feel and decide whether to take it or not. Remember this is just a optional thing for me, it was never a hard-set decision.

Weight loss:

I should add that like an idiot I forgot to weigh myself yesterday before the start of this, so I can’t get an exact figure of weight loss (doh)!

But I have been dieting since last week by cutting out sugary foods and snacks and so my weight this morning was 5lbs less than what it was last Monday. Now this loss isn’t reliable as it most likely relates to last weeks natural diet (no pills) and a small percentage may (or may not) relate to yesterday’s pill. Silly to not measure it I know.

But I am not concerned about the pounds that I lose, I need to lose inches as that is what will affect my dress!

Anyway I will update again tomorrow. Adios!


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