They Make Us To Break Us

You see this way too often, a teenager or adult commits suicide and only then does society acknowledge them. They then get the attention they needed and craved when the news article publishes their story. Too little too late. Society breaks people down by ridiculing every decision they make. They create a vulnerable and broken shell of what that person once was. Then they load the gun and hand it over. Of course they don’t pull the trigger, they couldn’t possibly be caught with blood on their hands. Just like a clever convict they play the character of a shocked mourner well.  Who ever suspects the guy standing at the front crying at the funeral?

society and teenage suicide Society becomes a hypocrite. A fake.

Fake people come forward offering condolences and comments on that individual, pretending to care. ‘Oh he was a lonely, sad guy I spoke to him once.’ ‘Yes, she used to get bullied but she really was a pretty girl, it’s just a shame she didn’t see that.’

Excuse me, but what were you people doing when you noted these things? You saw the struggle but weren’t willing to put down your own plates to go help.

What about the bullies fueling the fire? They see nothing of abusing people because they don’t see the full extent of the damage. But when tragic circumstances occur, they all coming rushing at once wanting to help, perhaps to ease their own guilty conscience?

All I’m saying is that we see this way too often. The world is turning into robots. Robots who expect perfection and shun those who don’t deliver.

Just back off.

Every individual has their own route to take. Their own journeys to explore and not one is the same. It’s not meant to be.


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