21st Century Truth

I spend hours looking through Blogs, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. What I find so intriguing is that everyone feels so at ease in revealing their inner most desires and opening up to the world, but we are unable to uphold this truth in real life.

The majority of us desire, want and crave the same things from life. Yet we can’t seem to communicate this face-to-face. We skirt around the issue with our friends and family, perhaps afraid of their reaction. Most of us may spend hours with our friends gossiping about superficial things but then go home and reveal our true inner-selves behind the safety of a computer screen.

I really feel there are many individuals who I follow on Tumblr, Twitter and via Blogs, that I could connect with. That I could be best friends with because their posts speak to me. We seem to be in the same point in our lives. We want the same things. But some, if not most, of these individuals do not act like that in the real world (myself included). The internet and social networks allow us to emphasize, magnify and intensify everything. So something good, will look amazing and perfect – after being sugarcoated and perhaps modified a little to make it sound or look better. Something bad will look worse – after being taken out of context because the individual was angry at the time of posting it.

The point is, when the majority of us are so very similar, when our core desires are the same, why are we unable to connect so easily in real life. Why do we find it so difficult to converse with a stranger in real life, but can form online relationships so easily?

When commuting to work on a packed train with others experiencing the same journey, why do we hide our faces in newspapers, phones and computer tablets playing the game of trying not to catch anyone’s eye. If one smiles at another, the person is considered ‘weird’ or is trying to ‘flirt’. Why is that person just not considered a friendly individual who wants to interact human to human? Why is asking a simple question about life, family, friends of love considered ‘rude’ and ‘nosy’. How else do people expect to form relations with others if you won’t let them in, won’t open up to them?! Communicating in todays society is so DIFFICULT because no one wants to cross the invisible line that everyone has put up. Its so hard to hold a conversation when people are so easily offended my menial things and consider every question to be a ‘personal’ one.

The irony is that when talking face-to-face with only one person,  someone will consider a lot of topics as personal, but that same person bares all on their Facebook page, their constant 5 minute Tweets (no I don’t want to know what you are having for dinner) and their Blogs or Tumblr pages, to their hundreds of ‘friends’ and thousands of ‘followers’. Please tell me I am wrong.

Back to my original point, below are posts I found online that form some of the desires that get me passionate and excited about life, or describe the point in life that I am presently at. What is interesting is that these posts have been reblogged or retweeted thousands of times, meaning that many individuals find these posts as heart-warming as I. Yet many of us don’t touch upon these issues as form of conversation. But why not? If strangers spoke to me about these things, I (and many others) would have made hundreds of new friends. We would probably be a lot happier, we would be LIVING life, doing and experiencing those things with people who enjoy them as much as we do, not siting behind a computer screen pretending to live.

detached from everyone in my lifeIt is so scary how true this is, thought I was the only one.


teenage years

summer nights

life regrets waterfall travelScreen shot 2014-07-01 at 18.47.31

make new friendsasshole friendsbucketlistbucket listwhat we expect from lifeclingy relationshipsummer life freelovetravelcandle balloonstravelhello summer julylovewe fear how we feel insidemove in with my bestfriend

The point of this post is that social media shows that we all really want the same things and that we are all the same deep down. But if you’re anything like me then you feel as though you are the only one fighting a unique set of demons and no one else understands. Guess they understood all along.

Tell me how the fxck we supposed to stay friends, when you got a bunch of feelings that you don’t show – Drake

But to live doesn’t mean that you’re alive – Nicki Minaj


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