Overcoming My Emotional Disconnection

Why do I continuously go on about cheating?

This blog post has a line that sums it up perfectly:

‘ It’s unfortunate because betrayal does not destroy marriages as much as it destroys people.’

That’s what people subconsciously fear the most , more than the actual breakdown of the relationship itself. Finding out about an affair makes you question everything, at the forefront it makes you question yourself as a person. And that is the seed that destroys an individual.

Healing After My Husband's Affair

Tyler Knott Gregson Typewriter Series #573 When I was seventeen years old I would listen to this one U2 song on repeat with the volume maxed out in my car. My life was completely uncomplicated at seventeen. Yet there was something that drew me in to the soothing vibration from the car speakers. The blaring of the car stereo filled not just the car, but my mind. It was a way to abandon the thoughts, maybe even the doubts that fill a young woman’s mind at seventeen. Doubts that even a girl that seems to have the world in the palm of her hand. Sometimes it was easier to turn up the volume, let the noise fill my brain and just have five minutes where I didn’t have to think.

Immediately after D-Day I would have killed to reach that moment again. There is nothing I wanted more than to shut off the incessant chatter in…

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