Preach It Sister!

So sick of seeing the world idolise the wrong role models i.e. Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian, Anna Nicole Smith etc. About time people start seeing the truth!



One thought on “Preach It Sister!

  1. None of your buisness says:

    Totally agree with people idolizing Kim K and ANS but whoever made this needs to research the facts.
    1.She wasn’t a drug addict
    (Just pills for depression)
    2.Theres no ACTUAL proof of her having relations with married men
    3.WAY more hollywood stars have died of An overdose so why is she getting all the blame
    4.How are Marilyn’s quotes bitchy?Some are made up but how are they bitchy?
    5.Men like to post quotes of her as well,it just so happens that women seem to always be posting this and yeah people post quotes and pictures of her like she is a “Damned role model” because she is a “Damned role model”.
    Whoever made this NEEDS to get there facts straight.

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