It Wasn’t Me…..

…..It was the hormones!

My blog may seemingly provide evidence of me being an emotionally unstable individidual. I go through crazy cycles of emotions where I almost borderline depression, and then counteract these with flashes of delirious happiness (usually due to specific good news or events).

However over the past 4 months I haven’t been sad, moody, angry or crazy happy. I have been riding a fairly gentle wave where nothing has phased or affected me much. Now this may be due to many different circumstances, including the fact there may be an absence of trigger events, but I place this platonic and neutral demeanour down to one thing:


I haven’t had my period in almost 4 months!!!!

No, I’m not pregnant.

I frequently go through missing months at a time before my period arrives (I have not idea why), but I think this is the longest delay I’ve had. However regardless of the scientific explanation of why this occurs, I have concluded (without significant evidence) that my period, or specifically my hormones, is the answer to and cause of my crazy mood swings/cycles.

I have been so NORMAL over the past few months, and only realised this when I reviewed my behaviour recently. Don’t get me wrong, just because I said I’m on a neutral wave does not mean that I walk around like an absent zombie completely unaware and un-reacting towards stimuli!

No, I would like to say that I’m acting more like a guy!


Events and matters don’t affect me as much as they used to, I don’t take everything to heart now (i.e. this activity has reduced, not been completely eliminated), I’m able to view things a bit more pragmatically and brush things off a little more easily. I’m not entirely sure as to whether this is just a fluke caused by the lack of activity in my life at the moment, but I like it all the same!

I will assume this is due to my hormones because when ‘that time of the month’ hits, I am the definition of a mood swing! It’s this unstoppable force that just takes over your emotions. You don’t want to be sad, moody, angry or pissed-off for no reason, but you can’t control or stop it either.

But anyhow, I’m at a happy and content place in my life right now and I have nothing to complain about. That’s a first ‘ey?!


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