21st Birthday Extravaganza

I was worried the big 21 wouldn’t measure up. Boy I was wrong.

The family surprised me with a Birthday I will never forgot.


  • A designer handbag I had my eye on but never in a million years thought I would ever buy!
  • Beautiful watch I now wear everyday
  • Lots of cash!
  • Best of all: A surprise HOLIDAY to an exotic Island and we left the day AFTER my birthday!!!!

exotic island, palm tree, swimming pool

Walking downstairs on my Birthday morning was the best thing I ever saw – the whole house was decorated with banners, streamers, balloons and blown up pictures of Moi! An album devoted entirely to me had been lovingly created with hundreds of pictures starting from me in hospital as a baby to present day.

I was then told that I better cancel my plans with my friends over the next couple days because we were going on holiday and we were to fly out in the early AM the next day! I spent half the day rushing around packing with a massive grin on my face.

The evening was simple but brilliant. All my close family and cousins came over for the shindig and we ate, laughed, socialised and scoffed on a massive cake.

We tried to get to sleep as we were leaving for the airport in only a few hours time.

The holiday was amazing (I won’t disclose where we went as that will be a big giveaway to anyone who knows me and happens to be reading this).

sandy beach clear blue water

We stayed at a beautiful resort on the beach and spent 5 days in pure paradise with swimming, sunning, lazy walks along the beach at dusk and dawn, and exploring the quaint beautiful little villages around us.

I truly thank God for blessing me with this event, it meant so much more because of everything I have been going through recently.

God does answer our prayers, but only in his own time, when he knows its right. 


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