Man Rage

In this highly sexualised world, where people seem to think that one needs to strip and bare as much flesh as possible to sell everything from cars to bread, women have every right to get frustrated with men. Because if it wasn’t for their highly-sexed brains and their ever hard wood this wouldn’t be an issue.

This article comes after reading about how men are uncomfortable watching women breastfeed. Now sit back and watch me roar.


Basic biology boys, breasts were made for babies and for nursing children. They were not made for you and your ogling perverted eyes and dirty thoughts. They were not made for your pleasure. So when a baby is hungry and the mother in public, she has EVERY right to whip those puppies out and sate her child.


Sorry, do you feel uncomfortable? Good! Turn around, look away, walk away (all you need to say is ‘I’ll give you a private moment’). Funny how men don’t mind perving on boobs all day long, using all available tactics to steal a look. Funny how you don’t mind sucking on them yourself!! But as soon as they are used for their ACTUAL purpose and function, you feel uncomfortable? Man up and grow a pair!

Also to those husbands out there whose wives have breastfeed and their boobs are no longer pert, firm, young and tight – don’t you dare make her feel insecure because of it! That’s some fucked up shit.

Labour/Giving Birth

I hate listening to those stories where the fathers were present at the birth of their child, but because of the experience they are unable to look at their baby-mama the same. They are unable view her as sexy anymore because the ‘labour-room nightmare’ has tainted their vision of her.

Seriously, if that’s you – go fuck yourself.

Basic biology: if you have sex you may get pregnant. So you men spend your lives trying to sleep with as many women as possible, but when the consequences of your actions become too real and 9 months later she’s screaming whilst trying to squeeze a human being out of her, you don’t like it any more?! Again, man up!

Facts: You had sex with her. You got her pregnant. But she is carrying the child. It’s her body that will never be the same again. It’s her that goes through the hormonal moods and weight gain. It’s her who has a constant back ache and swollen feet near the end of the 9 months. It’s her who is screaming in pain on the labour bed and squeezing a baby out of her. So be a fucking man and support her.

Pregnant lady

Make her feel sexy after it, because after all of that, she has every reason to feel insecure, vulnerable and unsexy. So why would you do something stupid like, oh I don’t know – tell her that you can’t have sex because you can’t get it up anymore after ‘seeing that’. Also the fact that the 18 year old next door with her tight, young body is just so much better looking and arouses you now!

(Yes, this is slightly far-fetched, but in some poor women’s cases this is reality!)

Music Videos

If you haven’t noticed the criteria for music videos you have been living under a rock. It goes a little something like the below (I swear they have a checklist or something).

  • Naked or half naked hot chicks are a mandatory requirement for all videos (note how ALL the men always seem to be fully clothed, funny huh?) 
  • The top dogs (aka fucking idiots) in the videos are smoking drugs, shisha, cuban cigars, and whatever else shit they can find and are able to roll into a blunt.
  • Apparently fanning $100 bills in front of your ugly face is the new cool.
  • Speaking of ugly faces, rappers who surround themselves with hot-chicks love hiding theirs! Off the top of my head; Pitbull and his sunglasses (he actually looks like a PitBull without them), 50 Cent with his cap and P-Diddy with his sunglasses.
  • With said fit girls please proceed to bump, grind and generally insinuate sexual acts, because it makes you look cool.
  • You are not a rapper without mentioning the following words in your music: pussy, bitch, N*gga, tits, suck, fuck, c*nt (note how majority of the words are aimed at women). Funny how you seem to love and hate us at the same time. Nice.
  • You are not considered worthy if your video is not shot in one of the following places: a club, a yacht, a bachelor style fuck pad/mansion, in front of million dollar cars or at a pool party (note how the dress requirement for these places would natuarlly result in semi-naked women).

Girls in bikinis at pool party, slutty

There are probably loads of things I have missed but I just can’t remember them. All the points above reinforce my love for the type of music produced by Rudimental and the likes thereof.


A woman is more likely to get a job if she looks sexier than her competitors. So basically if the perv who is interviewing you likes looking at your competitors face, boobs and ass (because she’s obviously hotter than you) then she will get the job. Because fuck logic and your ability to do the job better than her.

I also hate men who leer at women in the workplace; seriously boys get a dictionary and look up the following words: Professionalism. Respect. Gentlemen.

Speaking of Gentlemen, that brings me to my next point.

Gentlemen’s Club

So men who leer at women stripping off and grinding against a poll and then throwing money at them are considered Gentlemen. Riiighhhhtttt. Seriously someone cut the bullshit and change the name already. Also before y’all start tripping and stating that the women are the one’s who strip, act like sluts etc etc – save it. Yes they do, and they obviously got issues. What you got to remember is that women do not grow up dreaming about being strippers, prostitutes, and basically playthings for men. No they grew up dreaming about being cherished and finding their prince. So obviously some serious shit went down along the way for them to end up in this position.

men in suits at strip club

Disrespecting Women

What makes me laugh is guys don’t worry about treating women like shit when they are dating them/lining them up for one-nights-stands etc. They seem to forget that this is someone’s daughter, sister, cousin and maybe even mom. So its hilarious that a guy will go out for the night to pull a bird, but before he goes out he may lecture his sister for dressing slutty, scare-off her boyfriend/date and give him the big-brother talk and at the end of the night may even beat up some ‘asshole’ for trying it with his drunk sister.

PUHLEASE! Don’t preach, if you aint gonna practice that shit brother!

There is a load of other stuff that I could probably say but I’m tired now. This post definitely went out on a tangent!

Despite all the above, I don’t hate men (hard to believe right), I just hate men who do all the above. And what is listed above is reasonable for women to hate as it is just disrespectful!

5 thoughts on “Man Rage

  1. Socialkenny says:

    What a mouthful. Where do I even start. I’ll have to take a minute to let the info digest.

  2. some dude says:

    “mouthful” lol

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