Never Say Never

I would never cheat on someone

I would never touch drugs

I would never steal

I would never commit sins

Those who say they would NEVER do something, are the ones who do that something.

They tell us to never say never. Karma maybe?

I thought about it, people who do morally wrong things most probably always said they would never do them. My friend in school swore she would never touch alcohol or drugs. That wasn’t her or her style. She now gets drunk and high every weekend. I don’t even know about the weekdays.

Little girls grow up dreaming to be treated like princesses and find their one soul mate. They never dreamed of being the other woman, the mistress, the second option.

Little boys grow up dreaming of being successful men in their own right and making loads of money. They never dreamed of being drug addicts, alcoholics or failures in any aspect.

Maybe I should stop being so righteous. It may be time to stop saying “never”.

You never know whats around the corner.


6 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. I’m sorry, but I have enough certainty of myself to say I’ll NEVER cheat. Drugs? I don’t know. Alcohol? I drink occasionally-hopefully I never become a raging alcoholic. But one thing I know for sure I’ll never do is cheat. I despise a cheater and I will not become the one thing that I despise the most.

    • See I am exactly the same as you with regards to cheating. I always say that if it comes to it I will LEAVE the relationship. Not Cheat.

      There is absolutely no point, if you feel the need to cheat then get out of the relationship and save yourself the lies, betrayal, broken trust and heartache that you will receive and/or cause.

      Simple concept right, yet everyone still fucks it up.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    You know what I’d never do and has never done?Drugs and homosexual acts.Those 2 things are an adamant NEVER!

    I don’t even smoke period let alone to start now at age 30.

    @Ms.Raven-Saying you’ll never cheat isn’t like saying you’ll never smoke.So I don’t believe you can say never on that one.Plus no one really sets out to cheat.It just happens(at least initially).

    • Good to know you’re adamant about never doing drugs 🙂 Too many people these days think nothing about doing them.

    • Never said it was something that people just set out to do. People don’t “set out” to do drugs either, but you said it is something you would never do-and I believe you on that one. Also, cheating doesn’t “just happen”. It’s a process. 9/10 when someone cheats, it’s not with someone they just pulled off the street. It took planning and a lot of time. They take the time to get to know someone, calculate their lies and try to cover their tracks. It takes too much planning for it to “just happen”.

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