Cheating shows love?……Get Real!

I have just read this article:

Is your husband having an affair actually proof that he loves you?

I think this is complete utter BULLS**T. The article is based on a book called “The monogamy Gap by Eric Anderson”. I have not read the book but it seems to show reasons and justifications for why men cheat and the basic underline of the book states that monogamy is wrong and cannot be fulfilled by men. In my opinion (just would like to mention by the way, that of course, everything on my blog is MY opinion and therefore don’t get your panties or boxers in a twist if you don’t agree with what I say), this idea and notion is quite stupid and people (not just men) need to realise that the blame and responsibility for cheating lies on them!

In the article above, there are three examples of men who have cheated on their wives, who all claimed to really love their wives, but still lost all that because they couldn’t keep their pants zipped. One of the examples, claim that the husband actually felt suicidal after his wife left him, and for some reason I felt no sympathy when reading that. Does that make me a cold-hearted Bitch? Maybe. But my opinions are too strong, and I live by the notion of “you reap what you sow”.

Too harsh? Too black and white? Need to get in touch with reality? Yes? Well guess what?

I dont give a shit.

When people cheat its all “me, me, me” at that point you aren’t thinking about anyone but yourselves. So excuse me when the aftermath comes sooner rather than later and your partners jump on the same band wagon and finally make a decision based on “me, me, me”.

Back to the subject at hand; the article basically outlines that men do love their wives and they don’t want to lose them. So according to the articlemen cheat because they do love their partners — they are simply too afraid to take the chance of losing them by expressing a desire for recreational sex with others.”

Now in my opinion that is a stupid excuse. When people (men AND women) get into relationships, you do so knowing that you are CHOOSING to forfeit the right to sleep with other people. When in a relationship you have committed yourself to now include this other persons welfare in your every decision. Sound too much, too demanding? Well thats what a relationship is! Don’t like it? Well don’t apply for relationships, carry on sleeping around! Seriously it is THAT simple! Also if you claim that sex is just sex, well thats great, each to their own and all that. Just go find someone else who also thinks sex can be meaningless and then you can both get into a great relationship where you can both cheat on one another. Simple and fair.

So the article brings me to another question, by claiming that men don’t stop loving their wives when they cheat, therefore implying to women to turn a blind eye – I wonder how much of a blind eye men turn when women cheat?

Oh thats right, they don’t. When a woman cheats majority of the men show her the door whilst giving her one last colourful conversation with words like “slut, slag, whore and hoe” on repeat. Lovely.

I know this posts really seems to be aiming the gun at men; but this goes to BOTH men and women. If you want to cheat, get out of the relationship. If you claim to love your partner but still want to have sex with someone else, be honest with your partner, some people accept this and may even be open to a new world of sexual experiences – each to their own. But if they don’t (majority won’t), you can’t really be surprised.

However when push comes to shove and your partner kicks you out of their lives, stop crying your river and get over it. But you love them you say? Well, you should have thought of that before.

Too little Too late.


16 thoughts on “Cheating shows love?……Get Real!

  1. C.X.Love says:

    I’ve clearly slept with my fair share of married men and I’m not sure I 100% agree with the author of that article but I will say some men genuinely do love their wives and the affair is a completely separate thing….I think the major difference in why articles like that exist is because women are willing to put up with more crap in a relationship than a man…a woman will see a failed relationship as a reflection of a self failure vs realizing that being miserable is also failing herself…

    • Don’t you not find it annoying when your married partner is talking about how much he loves his wife? Isn’t it weird?

      • C.X.Love says:

        Not really…I view an affair partner as more of a friend with benefits (but friend is even a strong word)…I have literally never had a man start talking about his wife during sex (that would be annoying but mainly because I do not enjoy men who want to have conversations during sex) and it’s rare that they sit and dote on their wives or have these long conversations about how much they love them…it is mentioned in passing more so but you can occasionally also tell by their actions

  2. Ugh, I can’t stand infidelity. That is some real BS. When you are part of an affair, you’re not thinking of anyone but yourself and you sure as heck are not doing it out of love. If you love someone, you don’t break their heart like that. You don’t rip your family apart like that. I think these people need to figure out what love TRULY is, cuz they just not gettin’ it. Thanks for the post.

  3. Socialkenny says:

    What is it with women and cheating?

    I mean,we men really don’t harp on this subject of our GF’s cheating.Women need to just take a chill pill.

    • Cheating cuts us deep, so it’s an issue that a lot of us can’t get over so easily.

      Lies, betrayal, broken trust, need I go on?

      • Socialkenny says:

        Well I guess the PUA theory that women are emotional beings is right,right?

        • I don’t know what the PUA theory is and I can’t speak in for everyone (I know a few woman who are the exception), but in general, yes women are emotional.
          I am definitely a very emotional being, its annoying as fxck but its not something that I have control over. Very annoying in many situations, but its why I feel so deeply about a lot of things and situations, can’t control it.

  4. Socialkenny says:

    Of course women are emotional beings.All of yall are.That’s the difference between the sexes:men are rational,women are emotional.

    • Funny how you “rational” men always tend to make the stupid decisions. Yet we “emotional” women tend to make the right decisions, as the majority of us actually DO care about who we hurt. Therefore we tend NOT to do many things, no matter how much we might like to.

      • Socialkenny says:

        Get your facts straight.

        Men do make irrational decisions,but that’s only in cases where emotions don’t apply(like purchasing an expensive pair of shoes when he doesn’t need it).

        When it comes to dating,love and relationships,mens’ decisions are NOT emotionally based.

        Women on the other hand,yall choices in love,sex,dating,mating are all based on and driven by emotions.

        When a guy has sex with a chic:there’s no emotions involved besides cumming(sexual desire).Most women cannot have sex with a man without being invested emotionally or emotionally feeling the guy.Only women who can just bang a guy without emotionally connected is either a born slut or prostitute.

  5. That makes no sense, how can you go into a relationship and make decisions without an emotional basis. A relationship is all about emotions. That contradicts itself.

    Also its a bit sad that men will put their most intimate part of their anatomy in anything and anyone. Have to say I am proud in that aspect that I choose quality over quantity (I don’t care about biology and the theory that they “need to spread their seed”).

    C.X.Love has made it clear that she is able to and does have sex without getting emotionally connected. So does that mean she (and all the other women like her) are either sluts or prostitutes?

    Also what I find funny is that men are the biggest whores out there, you guys can’t get enough of sex, so funny how y’all are quick to call females the sluts. Men should take a look in the mirror, or better yet get an STD test.

    • Socialkenny says:

      What do you mean!?It’s just men.We would enter a marriage without being emotionally connected lol.Men are not emotionally driven.Women are.

      CX is a slut,but at the core,she’s still an emotional being as every woman.She fronts more than anything.Every girl wants to appear as though they’re un-emotional at first,until they get fucked and ignored by an Alpha male,then you’ll see her emotions come out.

      Girls like CX has just never ran into an Alpha dominant male yet.

      • 😮 So are you saying that men don’t really believe or fall in love? You’re crushing me here!

        I get the whole trying to be unemotional, we all try it, just some women have a thicker skin than others. I have tried and failed this aspect, so to those who can achieve it, I say milk it for what its worth.

  6. Socialkenny says:

    No women have thicker skin than others.Some front and play it off better.

    Men do fall in love and believe in it.It just doesn’t consume us in that emotional way.We’re more sexual visual while women are emotional.

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