A perfect Marriage by Laurey Bright Review

Ok so I have just read the book “A perfect marriage” by Laurey Bright and I just had to write a review on it (you shall see why as you read on). For those of you who have not read the book, and may want to do so in future do not read my review below as it contains many spoilers.

Reading this book almost raised my blood pressure! I found myself getting so worked up whilst reading this due to the fact that the heroine is such a fucking DOORMAT! The stupid idiot hero cheats on the heroine and she just accepts it, he leaves only because he is “so in love with the other woman”. So the heroine didn’t even throw him out of the house, instead she just stood there calmly as he said I am going to move out.

By the way I should just slot in that in the book it was mentioned that he was in love with his previous fiance but she died and he never got over it, so their marriage was technically based on friendship, he even kept a picture of this ex in his bedside drawer (seriously, come on now). The wife is aware of this and for some bloody reason just accepted it as a given.

So anyway throughout the book the heroine continues to be a doormat and so prim and proper it makes your head hurt. She cooks him dinner, coffee and dessert when he comes to pick up his belongings.


And then there is a point where the hero gets jealous because another man shows some interest in the heroine; pot and kettle come to mind.

Another thing which really pissed me off was that even though her husband cheated, left her for another woman and then proceeded to tell  her that he loved this woman more than anyone he loved before, the stupid doormat wanted to take him back if he came home and if she got the chance. Also she complies and tells people, when asked, that she and her husband have “mutually decided to split”. I’m sure you can guess who told her to use that excuse.

Ever heard of self-respect? Pride?

It was also mentioned in the book that he had previously said to her that he would never love again (following his dead fiance) and she was “ok” with this. So when he cheats and she throws this back in his face, all he says is that he should never have said that before. So he basically married his wife telling her that he won’t be able to love her, because his dead ex has his heart, but then after 12 years of marriage he has “finally fallen in love again”.


This characters in this book are so annoyingly calm and quite frankly fucked up, that I have never read a book before and gotten such a strong reaction out of it.

At one point the two end up in bed together (whilst they are separated) and after they do the deed, our hero’s conscience seems to make an appearance and he has the nerve to get angry at his wife to which she responds:

“It’s not the end of the world, either,” she said tartly. “It isn’t even immoral. We’re still married.”                                                                                                                              “On paper,” he allowed. “That doesn’t mean a thing.”

Now does anyone find that whole scenario twisted and stupid? Like really, now you feel bad? When it’s your wife your in bed with? Seriously dude?

There is also a part in the book which confused the hell outta me, because I just don’t understand why the wife’s father would say to her:

Ted frowned. “Another woman?” The noise from the TV increased as the crowd cheered, but Ted’s eyes didn’t waver from her face. “I’m sorry to hear that, my dear. But it isn’t necessarily the end of your marriage.”

Now, how can someone say that? I honestly don’t understand because if someone cheated on me then I hope that the door DOES hit their ass on the way out. Also the fact that the father knows the situation, knows that he cheated and moved out to be with the other woman, but continues to encourage his daughter to get back with this loser? I would appreciate some insight on this because I honestly don’t understand that. I guess people may say that love conquers all and all that but when it comes to cheating, the only thing that will be conquering anything is my fist over your face.

Towards the end of the book the wife ends up pregnant with his child (we all saw that coming, total cliche), and then get this he says its over with the other woman and this complete idiot responds like so:

 “Oh, Max!” she said, her arms instinctively going out to him. “I’m so sorry!” A ripple of shock passed over his face. He didn’t walk into her offered arms, instead taking both her hands in a strong grip. “You’re sorry?” he said in a strange voice. His eyes probed hers. “Of course,” she said in soft distress. She looked down at his hands holding hers. He didn’t want her embrace. He still wanted Kate, and Celine was no substitute. “You must be feeling dreadful.”

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ???? Someone sane please tell me they think this is completely fucked up!?

To add fuel to the fire, near the end the other woman comes to ask the wife to let go of the husband (the sheer nerve of that) and the ass-kissing, backscratching wife is actually hospitable towards her and offers her refreshments and continues to ask her if “she is ok?” Then when the other woman leaves, the wife actually sympathises with her husband saying:

“She’ll be all right,” Celine said softly. “Your Kate. She’s young, and she’s no weak-kneed wimp. It took courage to come here-and even more to leave with dignity.”

He cast her a rueful smile. “How did you know what I was thinking?” “It wasn’t hard to guess. I expect you’ll be thinking of her for some time to come.” She saw he meant to deny it, but couldn’t. “I guess I will,” he said finally.


Ok so I have ranted long and hard about that, and I have to say that it would have been a great book if the character hadn’t been such a mouse of a person and such a wet doormat. If the character had been more stronger, and made the hero grovel and pay for his mistake then I would have understood and accepted them getting back together. But the severely-lacking-a-backbone wife let her husband carry out his affair, move out of the marital home and then come back to her, sort of like “oh its ok honey, you go, take time out of our marriage, have your fun and then when you are ready you can come back to me”.

This book just made me so angry, and if there are actually people out there that would act as this poor-excuse of a woman acted then I’m sorry, but I hope our paths don’t cross. I take no martyrs. Also to any men out there, in the real world this would never happen, so if you cheat on your partner, unless she is a wet, mousy, doormat who lacks backbone, do not expect anything even slightly related to the above.


12 thoughts on “A perfect Marriage by Laurey Bright Review

  1. C.X.Love says:

    You’d be surprised how women act when they’ve been cheated on…many are desperate to keep a man…

    • LOL I have read your blog and I can believe that. I think in real life they act the way the do because of the positions they are in. For example the majority of women may be in their 40’s or 50’s and they may have kids etc. So starting over for them will be too hard, whereas starting over for men seems to be so much easier. I really do feel for these women, we all think they are stupid, but when they were younger they probably said that they would never stay with a cheater. But then life happens and all of a sudden you realise how it’s not as black and white as we used to imagine.

      • C.X.Love says:

        Staying with someone in a relationship is NEVER black and white unless you are being abused there is no reason for that…I do not even consider cheating a definite end to a relationship (although I am not a fan of relationships to begin with)

        • Wow thats interesting that you don’t consider cheating as an end to a relationship, why is that?
          For me cheating is the end, just can’t stand it. Definite deal breaker

          • C.X.Love says:

            There are circumstances where I can get over it…if a guy got drunk and had a one night stand it’s not a huge deal to me…if he’s been lying to me to see someone behind my back that’s a whole different situation…

          • C.X.Love says:

            Men do not always cheat because they do not love you…sometimes it’s a purely selfish reason (their own self esteem for instance) and something such as a drunk hook up with no emotion involved wouldnt be a reason to damage a LONG term relationship that was overall pretty good….I feel like you take the risk of getting hurt in a relationship because you feel the reward is greater than the risk and part of working things out is dealing with things as they come if you go in with set deal breakers what is the point?

          • But they way I see it is that when you are in a relationship you can’t be selfish, they chose to be in a relationship and therefore by making that commitment you are agreeing to being faithful. The only deal breaker I would have in a relationship is cheating and I will go into a relationship spelling that out in the beginning, it’s their choice to take it or leave it. From the beginning I have always hated cheating and betrayal, its just something I have instilled in my mind and that won’t change for anyone.

    • Anonymous says:

      Women do act this believe it or not. To protect themselves from form rumors, shame, and disrespect. Also some are old fashioned, and their devotion forces them to ignore it. Other do it for the sake of children,

  2. Great book review! This one seemed to get you worked up. Nice to see there’s another female out there who won’t put up with crap from her own man. Kudos! (Cheating is grounds for dismissal – whether it’s emotional OR physical betrayal).

    • Haha, you have no idea how worked up I got, I was actually cussing out loud when reading this and then proceeded to furiously type out the post above! Glad to know that you don’t condone cheating either, and just like yourself, I believe that emotional cheating is just as bad as physical cheating.

  3. Tracy Morris says:

    I am so sick of reading about forgiving your cheating spouse and trying to reconcile. There are 10,000 crappy sites like How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage… and Jesus Thinks You’re a Failure If You Divorce compared to the much needed “leave the jerk already” site. To begin with, there are people far better than the one that cheated on you. Actually, you could walk into any bar in the world, swing a cat, and hit someone that is better than your current spouse, simply by virtue of the fact that that they have not cheated on you.

    I don’t believe people that say their marriages are stronger than before. If you lost a leg, you would not argue that now your body is stronger than before. You’ve lost your trust in your spouse. Your security. Your ability to ever love your spouse unreservedly again. Your spouse can’t unring that bell or unf*** that other person. And while you may be one of the rare couples that reconciles successfully, you’re over selling it when you tell people your marriage is BETTER. It endures. Affairs don’t make marriages better, no more than spousal abuse and hurling your spouse down the stairs once, makes a marriage better.

    For every day of your life you have to live with the knowledge that this person cheated on you and gutted you emotionally. If it didn’t gut you emotionally, you weren’t that connected to them in the first place and your marriage has never been “great.” They are capable of betrayal. And while you may be able to do the mental gymnastics to live with that, I can tell you from experience, that it IS better on the other side. Either being independent and alone not living with the drama (BTDT) or happily partnered up with a person who loves you right and doesn’t need therapy and 12-steps to be faithful. Cheaters often cheat again. Who wants to live waiting for that shoe to drop?

    • I completely agree with everything you have mentioned. There are not enough sites that help people move on from cheating relations and I don’t believe cheating brings people closer or makes their relationships stronger. Ok in some rare cases where the partners aren’t too close, it’s a wake up call for them. But if the relationship is going great, you both feel the love, then having your cake and eating it too is just selfish and demands strong consequences.

      Also if I was to be cheated on, staying in the relationship wouldn’t be fair to me or my partner. I would drive myself crazy with every possible “what if” scenario and every time he would potentially go out or be home late, I would go nuts. Just not worth it.

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