Procrastination is a Bitch

Right now I should be filling in and submitted application forms for the summer internship/placement programmes I so desperately want. I should mention that it is a friday night – I know what your thinking – wow this girl know’s how to party hard. YEH BOI! But as you can see procrastination is a bitch! In my second year of university I really need (and actually really want) an industrial placement (a one year internship during your degree in industry) for this autumn and failing that I at least hope for a summer internship.

Having been rejected from countless number of companies already my self confidence is slowly deteriorating (and it wasn’t even full to begin with)! So when the application form comes to the questions “why do you want to work for us” and “why do you want to work in this line of profession” my almost complete application gets ignored and pushed away for a very long time. I for the life of me cannot seem to form an answer worthy enough for others to read. Like seriously do you see me asking you why your favourite colour is your favourite? Like come on the answer is “because it fucking is”. But I doubt that would get me very far.

So instead I am making matters no better by sitting here and writing this blog which will probably not even be read by anyone. I know man I am so cool. Instead of doing what any other fun living teenager would be doing right now – getting ready for a friday night out – I am doing what I do best – wasting my time.

If anyone can give me any tips for not procrastinating, or even better answers for those horrid application questions please do. The real gangster however is that person who is willing to give me a job – any takers?


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